• Vice Chair, Highway 152 Committee (Pacheco Pass): Obtained national (Good Morning America) coverage of my 8th grade class’s successful lobbying Sacramento/California Transportation Committee for safety improvements to Hwy. 152
  • Measure ICommittee member: Fought to keep toxic chemicals out of the water table near residential neighborhoods
  • Founding member, Vice Chair, Gilroy Growing Smarter:  Fought to protect Gilroy’s open space through passage of Measure H
  • Citizens for Downtown Revitalization:  Actively pursuing downtown revitalization with a 5-step approach.


  • Gilroy native, married, have two sons and one grandson, Teacher of the Year (1997), 39-year retired educator, Gilroy Unified School District
  • Vice-chair, Gilroy Growing Smarter
  • Vice-chair, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • President, Gilroy Tennis Club
  • Monterey Bay Area Coordinator for USTA
  • Parent Club Board Member, Elementary and Middle School


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